“DN4TL’s services have significantly impacted our social media outreach and lead generation efforts within just a few months. Our social media presence has doubled in terms of both followers and quality connections. Working with Flo and the team has been a pleasure; they are consistently responsive, supportive, knowledgeable, and courteous. They adapted to our niche target audience providing personalized recommendations to enhance our social media presence. DN4TL comes highly recommended for businesses seeking to unlock their social media potential.”

Aryn Garswood

Head of the BDO Zone Initiative

“I have worked with Florent on several projects, all related to my own personal branding, social media outreach, website design and profile expansion. Florent and his team at Digital Networking for Thought-Leaders (DN4TL) were always amazing to work with — responsive to requests, super professional and supportive, and always provided excellent work. I’d recommend Florent to anyone who’s looking to increase their own personal or business network.”

Todd Hirsch

Professional Speaker

DN4TL was able to dive right into the work we needed them to do and produced incredible results. Our work is very technical, and they were able to bring the expertise we needed to get the job done. They require very little direction and feel like an extension of our organization. I look forward to continuing to work with them to help elevate our advocacy efforts

Morva Rohani

Executive Director at Canadian Web3 Council

“In just 6 months, we have doubled our audience and seen growing engagement rates effortlessly! The DN4TL team is passionate about its clients and understands crypto so collaboration was both easy & effective.”

Koleya Karringten

Executive Director at Canada Blockchain Consortium

“Thanks so much for the work you and Bella did over the last 6 months! It’s been so great to see our followership grow, and to receive such expert feedback on our Twitter account and engagements. We’re thrilled we exceeded our target of 10K followers – amazing.”

Rachael Maxwell

Executive Director at Evidence for Democracy

“DN4TLs professional team’s ability to help target the right audience is particularly impressive. With so much noise on Twitter, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd and reach the people who are most likely to engage with your content. However, DN4TL’s services have helped us achieve the visibility we wanted and to overcome the challenge of connecting with the right audiences. We highly recommend trying DN4TL for any business looking to grow.”
Mahyar Akhbari

Co-Founder Blockchain Futurist Conference and ETH Toronto

“DN4TL’s service delivered tremendous value and has helped me improve my outreach amongst key audiences! The team’s service is personalized, responsive and turnkey, which will be appreciated by many leaders I’m sure!”

Anne-Raphaëlle Audouin

CEO at Nukik Corporation

“I have worked with Florent for many years now and what he is creating with DN4TL is wonderful! Him and his team have quickly demonstrated the value-add they can bring to any organization looking to boost their online audience and presence, and we have already seen terrific engagement coming through on our website. These conversions demonstrate the power of using DN4TL.”

Anna Gilliatt

Manager, Office of the CEO at CBGF

Working with Flo and his team has been a tremendous experience.  DN4TL’s energy and professionalism have supported amazing growth and engagement on our social media channels , while also supporting our overarching marketing strategy.
For any business leader who is looking to cut through the noise and elevate their social media voice (presence), DN4TL brings results.

Michelle Branigan

CEO, Electricity Human Resources Canada

Thanks to Flo of DN4TL who has supported Scaling Up since 2018. This year, his presentation “3 Steps to Boost your Social Reach & Influence” really stimulated the audience and was timely for Canada’s Bioeconomy. I have also been enjoying his engaging mini-interviews with Scaling Up industry leaders. We look forward to working together in 2023.”

Jeff Passmore

Founder & CEO Scaling Up Bioeconomy Conference

DN4TL has impressed us with their pragmatic and personal touch. We have seen massive growth in organic followers that engage in our posts daily. This success has been consistently repeated with our clients too. It’s very refreshing to work closely with a partner that understands the complexities and will pivot to the fast moving world of blockchain, Web3, Metaverse, NFT and more we require.”

Ryan Leusch

CEO at Decentralized Society & CTO S2A Modular (USA)

Working with DN4TL was an easy and efficient way to boost our association’s social media presence – 10 times the followers in just three months! This lasting growth has added significant value to all of our communications activities by enabling us to reach a larger and more relevant audience.”

Paul Lansbergen

President of Fisheries Council Canada

“DN4TL has been wonderful to work with and they have increased WiRE followers. Working with the DN4TL team has been super easy and flexible, they are extremely professional and always there to answer any questions. They added value, they were reliable and innovative. We recommend that everyone engages with DN4TL”

Joanna Osawe


“I’m very grateful to DN4TL for helping me promote my new memoir The Blue Riviera. They set up and rapidly grew my Twitter presence, and also helped design my website. They listened to my ideas and suggested a strategy that would work for me. The team exceeded my expectations from start to finish This experience has been invaluable from the inception onward. I highly recommend this unique team of creative professionals!”

Roxanne Davies

Author of The Blue Riviera: A Daughter's Investigation

“As a newbie to running a campaign on Twitter, I was in need of guidance. Running a campaign for City Council and learning social media was a tall order. I learned a lot from Bella and Florent and gained outstanding numbers of followers. Although we didn’t win this round I am prepared to get the election trail started now for the next campaign. The engagement they created still continues and the quality of followers makes my heart happy. Thank-you for your integrity and passion to make this work. I highly appreciate it and will recommend your services to others.”

Kathleen Caught

2022 Ottawa City Council Candidate

“We love working with the DN4TL team. Not only because of the results but also because of the easy and effective collaboration. Despite the time zone differences, communication went flawlessly. Once we were setup, we instantly saw an increase in followers and reach. Most importantly, our engagement rate also increased, meaning that our new followers are a relevant audience. I highly recommend DN4TL’s services if you’re looking for a passionate partner to increase or improve your presence on digital networking platforms.”

Marlieke Kemp-Janssen

Digital Marketing Project Manager at BestCities Global Alliance


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